Live Streaming

KeDa combines advanced knowledge of live streaming technology and an in depth understanding of cinema and story telling to make your live stream stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Video

Our team has decades of experience in creating media that engages and tells your story.

Internal Communications

Many of our clients use video to help their organizations learn about things such as new initiatives or staffing changes.

Since 1993

We love what we do!

KeDa is a video production company that specializes in live production and streaming.  We also shoot and edit TV shows, documentaries, films, corporate videos, music videos and commercials.

Our team is comprised of many talented local and non-local freelancers. We are able to customize a production and its crew based on the needs of each project.

Over the past 15 years we've created hundreds of videos for established and well known companies. Some of our documentaries, films and commercials have even won awards. We're an awesome company to work with because we love working with people first. We focus on our clients needs and make sure we create a product they will love. We'd love to work with you!


Next Steps...

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